Our Story

Queeriosity is a social card game created by two friends from Toronto as a means of facilitating opportunities for deeper connection with other queer folx. After identifying a lack of LGBTQ+ specific representation in existing party games, we decided to create a game that was inclusive to the community at large. 
The queer experience comes with many community nuances that allow us to connect in unique and powerful ways. No experience is the same, and we really wanted to tap into the exchange of those experiences amongst players. If you walk away from this game having learned something new about your friends, the community or yourself, we consider it a success. 

Queeriosity is proudly Black and trans created, owned and operated. We try our best to exclusively hire queer folks for all creative extensions of the business, including design, photography and media content assets amongst other areas of need. Rest assured that purchasing this game directly supports the gay agenda. 
We really hope you and your people connect with it! 
With love,
Kai & Eli